Orthotic inserts are essential tools that medical experts use to relieve lower limb problems in patients. They are vital in offering structural feet support and correcting abnormalities in your feet. Additionally, they are essential in relieving pressure on injured parts of the feet. Overall, orthotics can be helpful for patients who have arthritis, diabetic foot ulcers, flat feet, tendonitis and other foot conditions. 

However, not all orthotic inserts are the same, and that's why it's wiser to go for custom-made types. Here are few essential tips to help you choose the right custom orthotics for your feet:

Knowing Your Ideal Footwear Is Crucial When Going for Custom Orthotics 

Orthotics can be customised to fit your feet. However, a podiatrist might need you to wear the best shoes you find most comfortable before making custom orthotics for you. That will help the creator design appropriate orthotics customised to your foot's immediate requirements and comfort. Therefore, before visiting your podiatrist, select a pair of shoes you are most comfortable with wearing.  

Define Your Foot's Condition and Type

When going for the ideal custom orthotic inserts, you must determine the issues affecting your feet, as well as your feet type. Indeed, come off-the-counter orthotics might offer some comfort but many do not address long-term problems. Conversely, custom orthotics are designed to offer proper support and address all functional problems. 

If you are suffering from a plantar fasciitis condition, you require orthotic types with adequate arch support and cushion. When suffering from heel spurs or pain, the best custom orthotics should have more padding and cushioning. Therefore, defining your feet condition goes a long way in helping you find the best custom orthotics. 

Which Activities Do You Need Orthotics for?

You might be in a profession where you spend the better part of the day standing, or you may be an active athlete always on the track. Whichever activity you do, custom orthotics can provide the ideal support to suit your lifestyle. When visiting a podiatrist, tell them more about your daily activities so that they can design the best custom orthotics to suit your needs. 

Get Custom Orthotics Designed for Your Unique Foot Requirements

Working with professional podiatrists is the best option when looking for custom orthotics. They can perform measurements and thorough assessments to help design a perfect fit and exact feet support. Getting custom orthotic inserts will address your feet condition and offer solutions to your unique lifestyle. Contact a podiatrist for more information regarding custom orthotics.